Can you pull off the largest heist in history?

You have received intel on a notorious arms dealer who trades only in bitcoin. Rumor has it that he owns over 1 million bitcoin. Your mission is to hack into his digital wallet and empty it. Do you have the skills to pull it off?

The Game

You have 1 hour to hack the digital wallet! Find the clues, connect the dots and crack the code to become rich!


This game is completely online. You and your team will work together (even remotely!) to accomplish this mission.


Play as a group from 4 players up to 100 players! Larger groups will be split into teams that will compete to finish first!

The Experience

A high-stakes online puzzler!

The premiere virtual escape room for team events online. Race against the clock and other teams to win!

How It Works:

  1. Purchase your game on our booking site
  2. Share the calendar invite for your team
  3. On event day, you will be split into teams of 4-5 people

The game will take place on Zoom. During the game, your facilitator will welcome the group, introduce the game and then split the teams into breakout rooms. Each team will have a team captain sharing their screen from inside the game during game play.

Once you finish the game, the event will be wrapped up with 15-20 minutes of fun as you follow the action to see which team is the winner!

The entire experience will take approximately 90 minutes.


Flexible pricing for groups of all sizes

  • 5-25 players: $29/player
  • 26-50 players: $27/player
  • 51-100 players: $24/player
  • 100+ players: $22/player


Everyone has questions! Browse these frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find an answer here, feel free to email us at:

The Experience

How does this game work?
What kind of team building can I expect?
What do I need to prepare for this game?
How is this different from a traditional escape room?
Am I going to get into trouble with the FBI/CIA/NSA/my company's cyberecurity team?


Can I play with my group only privately?
Something came up last minute and I can no longer make it. What can I do?


Is this game appropriate for children?
Is this game suitable for non-English speakers?

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