Corporate + Private Events at Puzzle Out

Puzzle Out is a fun and challenging live escape game in NJ with locations in Hoboken and Jersey City. You and your team will work together to escape from a locked room -- find clues, solve puzzles, and escape within 60 minutes!

Team Building

Puzzle Out is the perfect choice for your team building event. We can accomodate up to 36 players simultaneously, the largest capacity in the area. We also provide a unique experience in our Competition Mode, where two teams race against each other to escape first!

Your team will need to work together by critically thinking through problems, demonstrating leadership, communicating progress and working under pressure to escape the room with a deadline of 60 minutes! Whether your organization is looking for a team building exercise or a fun group activity after work, Puzzle Out has you covered. Our games encourage team members to interact with each other through gameplay. We make team-bonding fun!

We are located in downtown Hoboken and Jersey City, just steps away from PATH, NJTransit and just a couple of stops away from NYC!

Private Parties

Let Puzzle Out make your next party memorable: from birthdays to bachelor/ette parties to graduations and even proposals. We will work with you to customize the entire experience. Choose the number of games, food vendors, decorations and everything in between to ensure that your event is extra special!

Your games at Puzzle Out can be customized as well. We can incorporate your guests information into the game. We can also hide your items in our rooms ahead of your game including personal messages, gifts or even an engagement ring!

For larger parties, check out our Competition Mode, where two teams (you can even have team captains choose teams!) try to escape before the other team while stealing as much as they can!


Choose from these epic games in Jersey City and Hoboken, NJ!

Grand Theft Jersey City Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ Competition Mode - Race against a rival team to escape first! Only at Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

Grand Theft Jersey City

Jersey City, NJ | 4-30 players Difficulty:

You have come to know about a secret bank vault filled with millions of dollars worth of cash, jewelry and other valuables. The vault security can be disabled for 60 minutes: will you try to escape as fast as possible, or stick around to steal as much as you can?

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Code Breakers Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ


Hoboken, NJ | 2-8 players Difficulty:

You have been selected by the US Secret Agency to break the code being broadcasted by the enemy enigma machine during WW1. But to become an official codebreaker, you must pass the training mission: you have 1 hour to decipher the room and escape!

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Architect's Studio Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

Architect's Studio

Jersey City, NJ | 2-6 players Difficulty:

Your client and his rival are competing to build the world's tallest building. However, the rival is keeping his skyscraper's height a secret. You have 1 hour to infiltrate the rival architect's studio and find his skyscraper's height so that your client can build taller!

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Downtown Countdown - Outdoor Puzzle Hunt Adventure in Jersey City. Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

Downtown Countdown

Jersey City, NJ | 2-5 players Difficulty:

A diabolical mastermind named 'Simon' has hidden a nuclear explosive in Jersey City. You must play a game 'Simon says': solve puzzles and explore iconic landmarks in Jersey City's historic downtown in order to find and disarm the nuke in time!

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Competition Mode!

Will YOUR team escape first?

Test your wits against the clock AND a rival team!

Two teams race to escape from two identical rooms (Grand Theft Jersey City) while trying to steal more valuables than the opposing team.

Feel the adrenaline rush as the rival team closes in on your score with time running out. But watch out, your score only counts if you escape!

Will your team escape first?

Competition Mode - Race against a rival team to escape first! Only at Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

2 Teams*

2 Identical Rooms

1 Goal: Escape!

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*Competition mode available only for groups of 16 or more players. Private games are not guaranteed unless all tickets are purchased for available time slot or unless you call and request a private booking.

Competition Mode - Race against a rival team to escape first! Only at Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

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